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"Computer World" nr 14 /25.06-8.07/2003
"In the menu one can find a number of advanced features that usually appear in digital cameras from a higher price level"

"PC World Computer" August 2003
"A digital camera with the biggest potential.(…) The winner of the review differs distinctly from much more expensive digital cameras, (….)
We rate it as a very good one in that price level."

"" 23 of JUNE 2003
"There are two digital cameras launched on the Polish market that are perfect for the beginners willing to spend less than 2.000 PLN for their first digital camera.(…)
PHOTON cameras are on the stock and as we found out, they're perfectly designed for amateurs planning to buy their first digital camera(…) digital cameras that offer very good price with a very high picture quality"

"" July, 2003
"+ 3x digital zoom
+ simple to use
+ detailed user manual
+ attractive price"

"DigiCam" July/August 2003
" The advantage of the PHOTON 33 is the number of possibilities it offers (…). We have been astonished by PENTAGRAM - picture was exposed very well and the flash strength was selected perfectly"

20 of January, 2004
Photon 434 - "First on the line"

The Photon 434 is a digital camera that has achieved very good results in reviews. "Pictures are of high quality and have realistic colors. Camera has perfectly adapted to the lighting conditions. " "We highly recommend this camera to the ones that are willing to replace their compact camera with a digital camera" - PENTAGRAM PHOTON was marked out with two awards: "Editorial board's choice" and was definite as "The most profitable"

Photon 41 - recommended by CD Action
PENTAGRAM PHOTON 41 Zoom - 3 Combo is highly recommended by CD ACTION for it's "excellent parameters and a very good price"

PENTAGRAM digital cameras are getting more and more acknowledge on the market. CDA prize is the next prize for PENTAGRAM cameras that only confirms its high quality with a very good price. As other PENTAGRAM products digital cameras are neatly prepared for the polish market. USER's manual has met with an appreciation in CDA redactors.

PENTARGAM PHOTON 33 – DIGITAL camera with the biggest potential” PHOTON 33 ZOOM – 3 has won in a PC Word Computer and has conquered the first of the 9 competitors over 17%! The winner is much different from other models. It measures with digital cameras from the higher prize level. (PCWK nr 8/2003)

Digital Camera with the best potential. It has 3.1 million pixel effective sensor, triple optical zoom and autofocus. After switching the camera off zoom closes protecting camera from being scratched and from dust.
Camera is a very good one it this price level.

11 of March 2004
ZOOM prizes for PENTAGRAM PHOTON 434!!

„This digital camera has become a leader in its price level, knocking out competitors regarding several features” – ZOOM Magazine has rewarded PENTAGRAM with “The best buy” and “Editorial board’s choice” award.

“Pictures are high quality and have realistic colors. Camera has been given the best rate for the picture sharpness”
Double prize for PHOTON 33 ZOOM!!! PENTAGRAM PHOTON 33 has been given in its category two prizes: „The Readers choice” and „ The Editorial board’s choice”

DIGICAM 3/2004 „The best buy”

“Triple zoom, 4 mega pixel sensor and supplied software programs – everything that should consist a package for an amateur. PENTAGRAM has also given great cover, of small size with a very interesting design. And that all costs only 999 PLN!! For that price with a parameters given above, it convince to buying digital camera instead of traditional camera.
Photon 434 offers straightforward controls and menu options and the icons presenting functions are huge and readable.
But the most important about digital cameras is for sure delay which is a period of time between pressing the switch by the user and factual picture taking. Huge delay always effects in a poor picture quality. If it’s PHOTON – you don’t have to worry – delay is only 0,3 sec!”

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Технические характеристики Photon 434 Combo
Матрица: 1/1,8" CCD SONY
Линзы: Коника
Sensor: 4,0Mpix (5.5 Mpix interpol)
Зум оптический:
Зум цифровой:
Запись звука и видео: 320*240@15 fps
ISO: 100/200/auto
Image Resolution: 2720*2040 (interpol) 2272*1704 1600*1200 1280*960 640*480
Format: jpeg/exif 2.1 (DPOF support)
Память In: 16MB
Память Ext: SD/MMC
Дисплей: 1,6" цветной
Комплектность: штатив, дополнительный аккумулятор, зарядное устройство, чехол, инструкция и книжка по цифровой фотографии.

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